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Mission Statement

It is the mission of the City of Beacon Police Department to provide an exemplary level of service, ensuring public safety and a peaceful quality of life for the residents and businesses of the City of Beacon and all those who may visit our community.

The men and women of the City of Beacon Police Department strive to protect the rights of all persons within its jurisdiction, without prejudice or bias against race, religion, ethnic or national origin, or sexual orientation. We will safeguard the diversity of our community, keeping it free from criminal attack, threats of violence, or persecution. We will work to keep all citizens secure in their possessions, and stay vigilant so that together we can enjoy peace and harmony.

The City of Beacon Police Department will honor the established principles of a democratic society. Among these principles is the most profound reverence for human life, the value of which far exceeds that of any property. Every action of this Department and each of its members will be consistent with upholding this reverence for life foremost among our responsibilities.

The existence and effectiveness of the Police Department depends on public approval of police actions and behavior, and on the Department's ability to secure and maintain the public's respect. Our methods will emphasize cooperation with citizens based on trust rather than fear, and focus on the prevention as well as suppression of crime.

Our pledge to the community is to continually strive to achieve these goals, and to promote an organization based on excellence.

Dutchess County Cares for Crime Victims

Visit the crime victims' resource page to find all the departments and agencies available to help victims of crime. The comprehensive list includes Dutchess County departments and municipal and community service agencies that provide assistance to individuals and families who have been victims of crime. The listing includes information and resources you may need to cope with the aftermath of a crime.

The City of Beacon Police Seek Assistance from the Community

The Police Department Policy Review Committee continually seeks input, where appropriate, from the community on new policies as well as revisions to existing polices. Information of this nature will be posted periodically on this website. Comments and suggestions may be directed to Police Captain Kevin Junjulas via email at

Job Opportunities in the Police Department

None at this time.

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You may also wish to visit Dutchess County Human Resources for a listing of positions available throughout the county.

Combined Police Services

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