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The Planning Board is charged with making recommendations to the Mayor and the City Council on all matters affecting the physical development of the City of Beacon, including consulting on the comprehensive plan and its implementation.

The Board processes applications for site plan approvals, special use permits and subdivisions in accordance with zoning laws established in City of Beacon Code Section 223 - Zoning.

The Planning Board also serves as the architectural review board.

The Planning Board consists of seven regular members, appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by a majority vote of the City Council.

The Planning Board meets on the second Tuesday of every month at 7:00 p.m. in the courtroom located in the Municipal Center unless otherwise posted.

Please see City of Beacon Planning Board Rules of Procedure

Current Members

John Gunn, Chairman
Gary Barrack
David Burke
Patrick Lambert
Richard Muscat
Jill Reynolds
J. Randall Williams

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