The Commission meets on the first Saturday of each month at 10:00 a.m. at the Recreation Center.

The purpose of the City of Beacon Human Relations Commission is to create and foster a community climate of tolerance and understanding.  The Commission inquiries into incidents of tension and conflict within the community, and accepts and investigates complaints from citizens who perceive that their rights under the law have been violated.

The Commission consists of no less than five and no more than fifteen members. The selection of members shall take into consideration a cross-section of the community, including all religious, racial, ethnic, and business groups within the City.

Human Relations Commission Report 2015

To file a complaint, please review the following forms:  Complaint Brochure and Complaint Form

Current Members

Ali Muhammed

Barry Nelson

Helena Laurino

Kimberly Faison

LaVonne McNair

Michael Deane

Paul Sund

Richard Pacheco

Yvonne McNair