The City of Beacon’s Comprehensive Plan is the City’s public policy guide for housing, economic development, transportation, utilities, recreation, use of the waterfront and other important resources. The City is updating this document to reflect changes in the City since the existing plan was adopted in 2007 and to develop priority goals for the waterfront and train station area. This update builds upon a history of planning efforts led by the City, including the existing Comprehensive Plan (2007), the Beacon Transportation Linkages Plan (2008), and the Local Waterfront Revitalization Program (2012)

The public hearing has been scheduled for Feb. 6, 2017 at 7pm in City Hall.

Comprehensive Plan Update Documents:

  1. Draft Comprehensive Plan Update Part 1
  2. Draft Comprehensive Plan Update Part 2
  3. Draft Comprehensive Plan Update Part 3
  4. Draft Zoning Update Part 1
  5. Draft Zoning Update Part 2
  6. Full Environmental Assessment Form


Comprehensive Plan Committee Members:

Shanna Abeles             Anthony Lassiter
David Burke                  Robert McAlpine
Randy Casale               Dan McElduff
Tim Dexter                    Mike O'Herron
Garrett Duquesne         Sara Pasti
Lisa Gallina                   Peggy Ross
John Gilvey                   Anthony Ruggiero
John Gunn                    Greg Sylvester
Robyn Hollander