Counselors in Training

 CIT (Counselor-in-Training) Program For 12-15 Year Olds. Our CIT program gives kids ages 12-15 (by December 1, 2018) an opportunity to enjoy the camp atmosphere as tweens and teens in a supervised leadership capacity. The specialized CIT counselor - a trained, experienced educator of teenagers - will supervise and inspire a group of CITs each week. The CITs will work together on camp service projects, engage in challenging adventures and team building activities and learn the necessary skills to become excellent counselors. CIT Applicants must complete their own CIT Questionnaire and have an in-person interview with the camp director before they will be accepted into the CIT program. Tuition for this new program is $200 per week and a regular, completed camper registration form is necessary once a CIT has been interviewed and accepted. We are extremely excited about nurturing the next generation of Camp @ The Camp counselors!

How Do I Become a C.I.T.?

• Complete the CIT Questionnaire. The deadline for prospective CIT to apply is CLOSED.
• Camp director will contact you for an interview.
• CITs can work from 1-3 weeks during the course of the summer.
• CITs arrive at 8:45 am and depart at 3:15 pm.
• CITs must be of age 12-15 by December 1, 2018
• CIT tuition is $200 per week.