For Parents

Dear Parents,
We’d like to welcome you to Camp @ the Camp. Beacon Recreation founded Camp @ the Camp with the vision of connecting children to their local fields and forests. Our goal is for our campers to do what children naturally do best - play, create, and learn. Our rustic site is at the base of the mountain, and our program is filled with hands-on arts and science activities based on exploring in the natural world around us. These ingredients are simple, yet they allow campers to gain knowledge of the great outdoors, develop lifelong friendships, and build important values and skills.
Please become familiar with the following:

  1. We take our campers’ well-being seriously within our camp community. For this reason, we expect campers to behave peacefully, as outlined in our Camper Rights and Responsibilities. In addition, all staff members are trained according to our Safety Plan to manage health and safety issues, which is a requirement for our registration with the New York State Board of Health.
  2. Camper arrival and dismissal routines and timeliness are important to us. Please learn the protocol in Camper Arrival and Dismissal.
  3. Please ensure that your child is dressed for the day with consideration for the weather. Be sure your child wears closed-toed shoes and not flip flops or sandals. Use this Pack List as a daily guide.
    We will be outdoors most of the time! Apply sunblock and bug repellant before dropping off your child. Tick-borne illnesses like Lyme disease is a concern of ours. In addition to our daily tick checks on campers before dismissal, we encourage you to check your children for ticks when they return home.

Linda Richards, Camp @ the Camp Director

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