CAC Opposes Newburgh Anchorages in the Hudson River

The city of Beacon's CAC opposes the proposed Newburgh anchorages on the Hudson River for numerous environmental, safety, and economic reasons. You can read our letter to the US Coast Guard and the US Army Corps of Engineers here (.pdf).

CAC Recommendations Regarding the City of Beacon's 2007 Comprehensive Plan

The City of Beacon's CAC has reviewed the 2007 Comprehensive Plan and compiled a list of 16 topics that we would like to see addressed in the updated Comprehensive Plan to be approved in 2017. We want to ensure the protection of natural habitats, viewsheds, streams and forests, outdoor recreational areas, and other natural aspects of Beacon for the benefit of residents and visitors. We hope that the decisions the city makes moving forward on all topics, from zoning to infrastructure, are mutually beneficial to the needs of Beacon’s natural environment and human residents, and avoid any undue harm to Beacon’s natural beauty, resources, flora, and fauna.  You can read our recommendations here

About the Conservation Advisory Committee

The City of Beacon Conservation Advisory Committee is charged with advising the Planning Board and the City Council on matters affecting the preservation, development and use of the natural and man-made features in the City.

The Committee advises on major environmental threats and maintains an inventory of natural resources and an index of all open spaces.

The Committee shall consist of nine members appointed for a two-year term.

Meetings are held on the 4th Thursday of each month at 7pm in lower level classroom at City Hall, entrance through the Building Department.   

Current Members

Brian DiFeo
Jeffrey Domanski
Jennifer Epstein
Joshua Kogan
Erica Nonken
Anna Sullivan

Antony Tseng


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