Recreation Department

After School Program

Welcome to the Beacon After School Program, held directly in your child’s school.  This program offers more than just child care; the program offers exposure to many different activities. Some activities may be familiar, some might be new to you and your child. It is our goal to provide a safe and fun recreational experience to all participating children while providing opportunity for enrichment.

Each day, the children are dismissed from their classroom to the gymnasium, where they have about thirty minutes of free play followed by a snack.  Children select their activities each day. From 4:00 to 4:50 is the first activity period followed by a second fifty minute activity period. Scheduled activities are complete by 5:45.  Parents are welcome to pick their child up at any time prior to 6:00.

Your child may attend any number of days per week. Activities will fill up fast; secure your space early if you want a particular activity. Please see the chart below for the schedule of daily activities.

Beacon After School Program - Session 3
January 30th through April 7th









In addition to the main activities above, children have alternative activities to select from each day. This includes an option for homework help. We offer four sessions each school year, each session will have different activities at each school. You must re-register for each session.

This program is registered through the New York State Office of Children and Family Services. As per OCFS standards, staff are trained in CPR and First Aid and have passed a criminal background check.

We thank you for the opportunity to be inspired by your child.






The Power of Song Join S.L.Y.M.I.(Sing Like You Mean It!) for an introduction to singing. Sometimes the songs we sing can inspire people to action and bring a message of hope. We will: Learn songs about the natural world, history, current ideas and occasions, and sing songs with meaning; Learn performance techniques and play instruments Practice using a microphone; Re-write new original lyrics to favorite.

BeBhakti Kids Yoga  - Learn yoga through play. Children naturally practice patience, compassion, love and devotion. Yoga teaches kids to use breath to create space between their thoughts and their reactions, learning to move and to pause with awareness and intention which we cultivate through yoga play.






B.A.F.F. (the Beacon Afterschool Film Festival)- Learn the basics of filmmaking by creating a Public Service Announcement (PSA). Kids will learn about several aspects of film making including: using the filmmaking equipment, story development with a focus on short form storytelling and the basics of post-production. We will create a short video to share at the end of this session.

Baking with Five Hens - Join Five Hens Baked Goods for baking and cooking lessons designed to foster children’s kitchen skills. Your child will be trying new foods as we build confidence in the kitchen. Kids will learn about measurements and adapting recipes, the science involved in baking as well as a general knowledge and an appreciation of food. Every class, your child will create and sample a tasty delight.


In COME PAINT! ! Kids can express themselves through paint using color, shape and line. Each week we’ll learn about an expressionist artist. We will explore color mixing, finger painting, tempera paints, watercolor and cut outs. Our paintings will be spontaneous, intuitive and full of color.

Fantastic Beasts and How to Build Them - Explore sculpture in a variety of materials to create creatures both real and imagined. We will build beasts of all types; a zoo favorite, a mythological creature, or a completely made-up beast and transform it into an original creation. Don't worry about the size of the beast. In fact, the bigger the better. Students will sculpt it, paint it and take it home.

Get Heard! The Ground Radio is teaching us how to get our voice out there. We will be making audio recordings to be shared. Participants will learn about recording, post production and publishing. Older kids will be making podcasts. Younger kids will be creating audio books. All of it will be available for free download to be heard!

Hudson Valley Seed educates children in school gardens, empowering students through curriculum-integrated lessons focused on healthy eating, food literacy, outdoor learning and academic success. This session, we will be in the garden planting vegetables in order to learn more about locally available foods. Kids will be taking vegetables to the kitchen to prepare and enjoy some snacks

Martial Arts Learn the basics through kicking, punching, blocks, self-defense, break falling, rolling, and maybe even board breaking. Techniques are reinforced through motivation, fun and games. Students will work to gain confidence, listening skills, self-control, and goal setting. It is a jammed packed session of movement and fun.

Junior Engineers This exciting hands-on program will bring together a variety of engineering elements. Students will use robots, LEGO blocks and simple machines to solve problems. Kids will use their creativity and class concepts to overcome challenges. We will be programming a robot to run a maze, designing simple machines to perform simple tasks and experimenting with size, symmetry and structure.

Join the After School Puppet Company! Students will learn the basics of puppets through performance in a fun and supportive environment. Using creative play, we will learn performance skills through theatrical adaptations of stories we read as well as those we create. We will build puppets and develop characters.