Recreation Department After School Program

Session 4  2019
April 22nd to June 21st
Registration Open Wednesday April 3rd

Welcome to the Beacon After School Program, held in J.V. Forrestal, Sargent and South Ave. Elementary schools. This program offers more than just child care; the program offers exposure to many different activities; an opportunity for your child to try something new or learn more about something they already enjoy. It is our goal to provide a safe and fun recreational experience to all participating children while providing opportunity for enrichment.

Each day, the children are dismissed from their classroom directly to the program, where they have about thirty minutes of free play followed by a snack. From about 4:00 to 4:50 is the first activity period followed by a second fifty-minute activity period. Scheduled activities are complete around 5:45. Parents are welcome to pick their child up at any time prior to 6:00.

Your child may attend any number of days per week. Activities will fill up fast; secure your space early if you want a particular activity.








Garrison Art Center Extension


Beacon Music Factory

BeBhakti Kids Yoga

All Sorts of Sports


Adventure Time with Ms. Jenn

Dance Party


All Sorts of Sports

Fantastic Beasts

J.V. Forrestal

Fantastic Beasts

BeBhakti Yoga

Garrison Art Center Extension


Kid’s Kitchen

After School Program Policy Manual

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More About Our Programs


BeBhakti Kids Yoga - Children naturally practice patience, compassion, love and devotion which we cultivate through yoga play. Children get to know themselves and connect with each other by exploring and sharing their creativity and inner wisdom. Yoga teaches kids to use breathing to create space between their thoughts and their reactions. We will learn to move and to pause with awareness and intention.

All Sorts of Sports! This super fun program begins with group warm-ups and stretches to build coordination, agility, and improve flexibility. Each week we will focus on a new fun activity aimed to encourage cooperative learning through play. We may play team games like kickball, basketball, or whiffle ball. We will play LOTS of group games. Students will have opportunities to make choices about our activities. We’ll be outside if weather allows. Participants are encouraged to wear sneakers.

Ms. Jenn is back at South Ave. for Adventure Time! Each week is a different adventure. We might go on a treasure hunt or perhaps we’ll concoct our own special treats. We could find ourselves on a musical journey or maybe we will discover the true maker within through some arts and some crafts. Each week promises to be its own unique experience; anything is possible in Adventure Time!

Bienvenido a ¡Hola! In this class, your child is going to be 100% immersed in the Spanish language. Learn the foundations of another language with a focus on fun. We will use Spanish throughout a wide variety of activities such as dancing, singing and playing games. The children will start to acquire vocabulary and language skills for real life situations. ¡Esperamos verte ahí! (We hope to see you there!)

(Even More) Fantastic Beast and How to Build Them Using a variety of materials, kids will be introduced to the limitless world of making sculpture. Using various crafting techniques to imagine and build creations of all types - people, pets, mythical creatures or forms of their own invention. With a focus on using upcycled materials, we will experiment with building smaller figures, wearable sculptures and larger installations.

Beacon Music Factory’s founder Stephen Clair presents a Junk Orchestra! By turning found objects, discarded items, and our bodies into musical instruments we will, in essence, make a musical ensemble out of ‘thin air.’  We’ll learn basic musical concepts, create our own musical pieces, singing, hooting, chanting, stomping, and clanging out rhythms which will prove inspiring and fun. 

Explore the world of movement at Dance Party! Using movement games to teach students new ways to express themselves, this lively class introduces children to basic dance concepts such as rhythm, space and boldily awaremness. We will incorporate literature, props and a diverse music selection into our classes.

Kids Kitchen! Let’s get cooking! Kids will get creative in the kitchen to learn basic skills with simple equipment. Each week, kids will make their own snacks with a focus on trying new things. Each recipe will be something that the kids can make for themselves, with supervision. A great start to a lifetime of self-sufficient, healthy, snacking!

Join educators from the Garrison Art Center!. Founded in 1964 by parents to supplement their children's arts education, their educators aim to develop creative skills and visual literacy. Art Center programming incorporates critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity in all of its classes. We’ll be doing some cool art with some talented artists!